Cymbalta Withdrawal

Cymbalta withdrawal is a common adverse side effect occurring when the use of the SSRI drug is abruptly or slowly stopped. Cymbalta is a brand name of the anti-depressant drug Duloxetine and is prescribed to those suffering from conditions like major depression, generalized anxiety disorder, diabetic neuropathy and fibromyalgia. Upon ceasing to take the drug Cymbalta, patients report a variety of symptoms characteristic of withdrawal syndrome despite the FDA’s failure to warn users of these potential problems.

Manufactured and marketed by Eli Lilly, Cymbalta was approved for use in the United States in 2004. This drug is available in a variety of dosages and is to be taken under close doctor supervision. As with any SSRI, Cymbalta interferes with delicate chemical levels in the brain responsible for mood and personality issues. A number of users have reported severe symptoms relating to the cessation of taking Cymbalta, especially those who choose to cease taking Cymbalta abruptly.

Symptoms implicated by cessation of Cymbalta use are often similar to those felt during a withdrawal of most other types of drugs. Similar to another condition known as SSRI Discontinuation Syndrome, the abrupt cessation of Cymbalta can cause dysphoric mood, agitation, dizziness, anxiety, confusion, insomnia and seizures. Patients are urged to discuss cessation options with their doctor before stopping this drug abruptly as it is considered much safer to wean the body from Cymbalta gradually rather than to stop taking it “cold turkey.”

In certain severe cases, cessation of Cymbalta has led to suicidal thoughts and tendencies with a number of patients attempting suicide after experiencing Cymbalta withdrawal. The FDA warns all users of SSRI’s between ages 18-24 of the potential increased risk of suicide in this age group as Cymbalta withdrawal symptoms are strongly linked with subsequent suicide attempts. Studies conducted on Cymbalta withdrawal and resulting suicidal tendencies revealed a strong correlation between the cessation of the drug and potential dangerous chemical imbalances.

If you or a loved one stopped taking the anti-depressant Cymbalta and subsequently suffered Cymbalta withdrawal or suicidal thoughts and tendencies, you may have a claim against the drug maker for exposing you to such a dangerous product. We are a national law firm devoted to helping victims of Cymbalta withdrawal receive the compensation they deserve.